Share My Creation PLC SIEMENS S7-1200 Webserver connection

Here is my first automation intro project :

Logging is very important in our dailly life, we always keep record of our life either if you take a photo to store data or you note down to paper.
Having the chance to download a file over internet can make a diference ,and here is this simple app that downloads a csv file and display it int a table.

With this app:
- create and configure new stations and define the webserver ip adress
- download file stored intro its database and load to a table
- open an user defined webpage withing the webserver

The main goal of this app was to access a CSV File and display it instatly in the app.
Once you have the data some nice stuffs can be build like : graphs , charts and some alarm triggering...

With okhttp you process dowload file, once the csv text is download save it and open it with one of the libraries availlable .

Thank you for having such easy development tool like Basic4Android.


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This app was created in 1 working day !!! .... If will be downloaded and the retention will be good second plc will not longer be free. :rolleyes: