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Discussion in 'B4R Share Your Creations' started by Kevin, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Well-Known Member Licensed User

    My first B4R project is finally done. The device monitors air & pool temperature and allows me to toggle the pool's heater (Auto or Standby) as well as set up a 7-day schedule for days when I want the pool heater to run. It's internet-connected of course, and I made an Android app to remotely control it.



    20180702_104149.jpg 20180702_104308.jpg 20180702_104316.jpg 20180702_104343.jpg 20180702_104400.jpg 20180702_134618.jpg 20180702_143722.jpg 20180702_143728.jpg
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  2. Peter Gonzalez

    Peter Gonzalez Member Licensed User

    Kevin, that's a very nice project I hope to do something similar with a few respiratory medical devices first I have to learn the programing. I'm a newbie to B4X.

    -Peter G
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