Android Question Possible Bug(s) when Removing a Module


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I'm converting a B4A project to B4XPages. To do this, I'm following the guidance given by Cliff McKibbin in
This involves 'copying' the existing project with an X at the end of its name and amending existing modules (e.g. copying Activity code and renaming an existing module with 'Page' added to its name (e.g. Choose to ChoosePage): though the instructions say to put 'Page' at the front of the new name(e.g. Choose to PageChoose). The old module was still present so I used the IDE's Remove Module item but the bas file was still present. So I deleted the bas file in the new project's directory. When I tried to Compile&Run (which gave an error due to the old module still being present), the module came back in the IDE and the file returned! However, if I click on the IDE's Modules 'box' (at the bottom right hand side of the IDE's screen) and right click the old module's name & select it for remove, Compile&Run does not give an error. However, the old module's bas file was still in the new project's directory (e.g. Choose.bas). However, menu items Tools->Clean Project & Tools->Clear Unnecessary files do not delete the old bas file! So I delete it manually and the old bas file does not return to the new project's directory!
PS It's possible that the bug(s) is in Wine as I'm running B4A under Ubuntu 20.04.
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