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Hope not - lighten up guys


1. Iron Man - Shah Rukh Khan
Quick wit, high-flying persona and charm! Haven't we found the perfect match?

2. Hulk - Salman Khan
Only this Dabangg actor can fit the role!

3. Captain America - Farhan Akhtar
Farhan's talents make him a kick-ass super-human as it is. He will do full justice to this film!

4. Batman - Arjun Rampal
He's classy with a deep voice, a tough jaw line and a mysterious poise which compliment Bruce Wayne like no one else can!

5. Superman - John Abraham
The hunk has what it takes to become the Man of Steel.

6. Thor - Hrithik Roshan
From having identical looks to a godly aura, there's no need to explain why Duggu deserves to play Thor.

7. Spider Man - Imran Khan
Who better than Imran Khan can fit the nerd college kid-turned-superhero character?

8. Green Goblin - Kay Kay Menon
When it comes to being a villain of precision, Kay Kay Menon justifies the role like no other.

9. Dr. Octopus - Boman Irani
This man's versatility, age and looks make him the perfect match!

10. Wolverine - Arjun Kapoor
Isn't the raw, tough-guy attitude that Logan holds much like Arjun Kapoor and the characters he portrays?

11. Mystique - Lisa Haydon
After Queen, she could definitely give the hot-crazy-mean chic role a try!

12. Cyclops - Siddharth Malhotra
A nice-guy superhero with good looks and aura. Need I say more to justify this pair?

13. Jean Grey - Deepika Padukone
Deepika controls a lot of minds with her style and acting. How about a role that suits that super power?

14. Storm - Lara Dutta
Both are equally athletic and beautiful, and can steal the thunder whenever they want!

15. Nightcrawler - Kunal Kapoor
You have to admit that the resemblance is uncanny!

16. Magneto - Naseeruddin Shah
A classic veteran actor for a veteran superhero. Absolutely apt!

17. Professor X - Anupam Kher
We know only Mr Kher can do justice to this character!

18. Victor Creed - Akshay Kumar
Two words. Madness and aggression! This role is made for Akshay Kumar!

19. Green Lantern - Ranbir Kapoor
Irresponsible, spoilt boy turns good and saves the day, just like Ranbir Kapoor in his films. A clear match!

20. Hawkeye - Aamir Khan
Only a perfectionist can hit bullseye with those arrows.

21. Black Widow - Priyanka Chopra
After Don 2, she truly justifies the good-cop, tough-girl role.

22. Loki - Ranveer Singh
Witty with a crooked mind, no one else can handle the chaos this God creates. Or the one Ranveer creates with his presence and acting!

23. Flash - Shahid Kapoor
Faster than the speed of light! I'm referring to pace at which Haider tickets were sold. Perfect combination!

24. Wonder Woman - Katrina Kaif
Wonder is an understatement for Katrina. She sure could pull this off.

25. Catwoman - Kangana Ranaut
Breathtaking beauty with great acting skills! No one but her can do justice to this role! Especially after her Krrish 3 avatar.

26. Joker - Nawazuddin Siddiqui
The infamous agent of chaos. We're talking about the one created by Nawazuddin in Gangs of Wasseypur! He can definitely make for a perfect nut-job villain.

27. Bane - Sanjay Dutt
We know how amazing Sanjay Dutt is in negative roles. Bane would be a proud addition to his list!