Preparing for the SCJP / OCJP certification in a Prometic test center

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    since 1999 I am a Java1 certified software developers. Since I 've now decided that SCJP / OCJP to store certification, I have currently developed a self learning test, which prepared me for the Java2 exam. The certification will I put on 2011/04/14 in a Prometic test center. The questionnaire includes 234 questions that the single choice, multi choice and composed drag-and-drop questions. The questionnaire was constructed with the training software "Visual CertExam Suite".

    I want everyone who has iterested to take the current Java2 Certification to provide this questionnaire is available. The VCE test file you can download from my website. Alternatively, I present you the questionnaire as a PDF document. For mastering the Java language skills I recommend the book "Das große SCJP Trainingsbuch (The Great SCJP Training Book)" by Ina Brenner. The eBook is available as a free download on the website of Ina Brenner. I wish you much success in an eventual certification.

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    VCE test file download - PDF document download - eBook download
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