Android Question Print text into rectangle (box) with EscPosPrinter.bas


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i have a EscPosPrinter.bas into my proyect.

I need print a text, into a box... simil to INVOICE #XXX and the number into a rectangle.

how to do?
I try someting like this:
        Dim CharVectors() As Int = Array As Int(Printer1.CreateBox(0,0,200,200,False))
        Printer1.DefineCustomCharacter(62, Printer1.CreateCustomCharacter(CharVectors, 0)) 
        Printer1.UseCustomCharacters = True
        Printer1.WriteString(">" & CRLF)
'acording to second message, i change this code
'        For i = 62 To 62
'            Printer1.DeleteCustomCharacter(i)
'        Next

for define a personal box, but this box is only a small defined char.
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... this not the problem.... this is for delete the custom char (sorry... i can put the code best).
I define the char 62 for 'DefineCustomCharacter' and the finish... delete the char (only are one...)
i go to modify the code.
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