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I'm working on printing on this project and am using the BFX8Printer libraries. I build a form using the Internal Designer and place everything onto a pane I call pnPrint. At startup I load a couple tableviews and some labels with my data then pass pnPrint into the printing libraries. I'd like to make it where I don't have to bring up the form on the screen, but whenever I remove the frm.show and just run print, I get a blank piece of paper. Is there a way to print the node without showing it? Printing from a button after the form comes up works fine, but I'd like to do the printing in the background.


William Lancee

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I did some testing and could print with the form not visible by setting the left of the MainForm to a negative number. I don't know if this will work for you.

Remember to kill the app in the IDE or your program. The closing X will also be unseen!

    MainForm.WindowLeft = - MainForm.Width - 20
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