B4J Question printing with Print JavaFX8.


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hello to all!
i'm developing a aplication in b4j to print id cards of students.
each card (iso 7810 id 1 to be printed in a zebra zbx 7 with front and back capacities) will have in the front a photo, name and id of student with also a background image. job done with htlm, $""$ and Print JavaFX8.
in the back of the card i'll put for each student his(her) schedule.
As it can be at most 12 times in a day in a week i need to put the orientation in portrait so that the table's shedule will have the days at the first line and the hours all along the lines.
so in the front card i have landscape and in the back i would need to put it in portait.
i had tried that method (described at (https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4j-print-javafx8.49836/#content)
Dim PP As Paper
    Dim PC As Printer
    Dim PL As PageLayout
    PP = Paper_static.A6
    PC = Printer_Static.GetDefaultPrinter
    PL = PC.CreatePageLayout2(PP, PageOrientation_Static.PORTRAIT, "HARDWARE_MINIMUM")

    Dim PJ As PrinterJob
    'Print with dialogs
    PJ = PrinterJob_Static.CreatePrinterJob2(PC)

and it work in relation to portait however i do not know which paper to use... (as in PP = Paper_static.A6) i say that because after having print the front with the default dimension of the printer) when i'm in back i've got a a6 printing (should be the same as in fronT).
so how to do it?
Thank you