Problem with internal Qualcomm GPS-Chip

Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by schimanski, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. schimanski

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    I have written an GPS-application which runs very fine with internal an external GPS-Chips. But now, on the new devices, there are many problems. I have tested the application with the new "HTC Touch diamond" and the "HTC Touch cruise". Both devices have an internal GPS-Chip from "Qualcomm". Now, my application can`t get GPS-data from this Chip. I have tested it with different baudrates. What's the reason for this problem? My source-code for the GPS is the same like the basic4ppc-example codes.

    Thank for your help....:confused:
  2. agraham

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    There is a known problem with the .NET SerialPort, on which the Serial2 library is based, and HTC internal GPS. This affects not just Basic4ppc but any .NET app that uses SerialPort to access an HTC internal GPS.

    I now have a Diamond and have written some code that Erel will shortly release in an amended and tidied up form as a new GPSDriver library that will work on a Diamond. I have posted a preview demo app that should run QVGA on your Diamond in post #36 here
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