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Bill Norris

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Am just getting out the gate on learning about the push notification framework. I did the registration with Google and received an email that me registration was accepted and that "you should be able to start using it to send messages to Android 2.2 devices within the next day or so." Being the impatient one, I went ahead and downloaded Arel's demo files from the C2DM tutorial. I've made the necessary modifications (at least I think I did them correctly). When I run the PushExample project, I get the registration screen as expected. What exactly are you supposed to type into the "name" box? I just made up a name for the device and put it in. When I hit Register, nothing happens. Could that be because my account at Google is not fully up and running?


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hey bill,

just added the same to my app a couple of days back. it took a couple of hours to get the mail from google.
enter any name you want, i am using the deviceid to register.

if you follow the tutorial exactly...it works.
have you edited the manifest file?
turned off "overwrite manifest file in b4a project"?
is the package name and senderid the same as on google account?
plz check those as most issues in my app were due to the manifest.
do let us know if it works.

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