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José J. Aguilar

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The answer is: "Net"
Because the " " indicate you're using a program to learn Spanish, and "Red" in Spanish means "Net"


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B) Because the quotation marks in the question indicate you are looking for a literal value not the contents of a variable ;)
Andrew and Ilan had the correct answer.. Andrew explained it correctly because in the original puzzle there're no quotation marks, so I put it inside quotations for you programmers to hint it's a string value (not colors), or (literal value" as agraham put it.



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Not good in good
Nooit Boet dis die beste , , , ,🦰🦱🦳🦲 one day we'll all be grey/gray/same kleur
And some of us are politically RED some are GREEN some are unseen - this is the puzzle of the day.