B4R Code Snippet PWM with selection of frequency

Using inline C allows controlling TIMER 2 PWM output (analog output) to oscillate at selected frequencies of 61 Hz to 62,500 Hz.
freq=1 to 7 select frequency, ana_out set the duty cycle and output at pin 11 (OSC2A) of Arduino Uno. I haven't checked it with other Arduinos.
Sub Process_Globals
    Public Serial1 As Serial
    Private freq As Byte
    Private ana_out As Byte
    Private out As Pin
End Sub

Private Sub AppStart
    freq=4    '7=61Hz, 6=244Hz, 5=488Hz, 4=976Hz, 3=1953Hz, 2=7812Hz, 1=62500Hz 
    ana_out=190    'duty cycle 255=100%
    RunNative("pwm", Null)
    out.Initialize(11, out.MODE_OUTPUT)
End Sub

#if C
void pwm (B4R::Object* o) {
        //timer2 settings
  OCR2A = b4r_main::_ana_out;
  TCCR2A = 0b10000011;  //Normal Port Operation, fast PWM mode
  TCCR2B = b4r_main::_freq;    //prescale
#End if