Android Question Quickblox Videochat: problem with the list of contacts


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Hello everyone,
I'm working on a video chat app using Quickblox. When I'm running the code, I can log in but then the list of users to call is empty. For the moment I only have imported the video chat sample from git, and I don't know what to do in order to import a list of contacts to call.

Btw, I'm newbie at Java and app programming ^^

If someone can give me a clue or the solution to fix this problem...




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What is Quickblox?

There is a B4X project on Git???

Where is the example project showing the problem?
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Quickblox is a website that provides some codes and tips for app coding.

Here is the source code I'm working on at the moment.

I've run it without any modifications first, and it gave me the initial problem I was talking about on my first message.
I've been trying to add modifications to the code relying on the documentation but nothing worked.
It the first time I am programming an app like this, so sorry if I am not clear enough in my explanations.
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