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Discussion in 'Additional Libraries' started by agraham, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    This library allows one and two dimensional barcodes to be read in Basic4ppc using the QuickMark device application QuickMark Your device must be equipped with a camera and have QuickMark installed. This library requires .NET 2.0.

    Desktop and device libraries are included with source for merging. Help is in the demo. It seems to work reasonably well on my HTC Touch Diamond.

    I'll probably post a version that can generate 2D, and maybe 1D barcodes as a bitmap image in a few days time.

    EDIT:- I've just noticed that QuickMark can decode DataMatrix as well!

    EDIT:- QuickMarks' version control and documentation sucks big time :(. They changed their API without warning :( in the later releases of QuickMark and they are still calling it V3.8 even though it is different :(. This breaks applications assuming the earlier API :(. QuickMark library version 1.1 here is for the latest (r4604 as of Sept 2nd 2009!) API, version 1.0 is for the earlier version.

    EDIT:- Version 1.1 replaced by 1.1a. Corrected DllVersion and new BarcodeType property determines how QuickMark starts. 1 is 1D barcode, 2 is 2D barcode.

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  2. Byak@

    Byak@ Active Member Licensed User

    Agraham, it's great!thanks for your work=)
  3. Rallig

    Rallig Member Licensed User

    Great but ...

    Hello Agraham,

    I installed Quickmark (trial-Version) and tried to use your demo.

    Quickmark starts with pressing the READ-Button. Quickmark decode one QR and told me it was decoding successfully (with a decreasing number for further tryings).

    After pressing the "ok"-Button ( Quickmark forced me to do ) I came back to the demo but without the decoded text in the Textfield.

    Do you know a solution ?
  4. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    You can try increasing the delay that the library waits for Quickmark to start up before talking to it. The default of one second worked reliably on my Diamond but may not be long enough for devices with slower memory and/or processors.

    QM.Delay = 2000
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  5. Rallig

    Rallig Member Licensed User

    I tried several delays , from 500 until 10000 . But no returning String.
    I used a msgbox in the decode event. But after successfull decode the event is not responsing.

    What can I do furthermore ? :(

    Phone : Samsung I900 Omnia
    QuickMark Vers. : 3,8
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  6. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    I assume you are using the demo unchanged. It seems that QuickMark is launched but when it has recognized a code I expect that it is displaying the decoded data on the screen and then needing OK at the top right to be pressed to close QuickMark. If this is the case then QuickMark is not receiving the message that is sent to it by the library "Delay" milliseconds after it is launched by the library. This message should tell QuickMark to send the decoded data to the library and then close itself automatically without displaying the data on the screen.

    The code in the library is the official QuickMark code for .NET and is very simple. I am afraid that I can see nothing further that can be done if it doesn't work on your device.
  7. Rallig

    Rallig Member Licensed User

    I activated QuickMark as advanced edition.

    Now following happens :
    Start quickmarkdemo.spb with basic4ppc.exe ->
    Press "Read" button ->
    Quickmark opens ->
    Quickmark recognise a QR-Code ->
    Quickmark closes automatically ->
    No text in the textbox :(

    Really don't know where I may test something.
    I try to write to the support of quickmark.

    Thanks for your help
  8. kalmenchia

    kalmenchia Member Licensed User

    Hi ,

    I am using QuickMark V3.8 Advance Edition and tried the demo and got
    the exactly same problem may I find out whether the library dll is
    updated and compatible with the latest Quick mark ?

    And can I find out any possibility that QuickMark library is not function
    properly ?
  9. Rallig

    Rallig Member Licensed User

    Hello kalmenchia,

    thx for this new reply ... I had nearly forgotten this thread :)

    I asked the Quickmark-Support and they make me a proposal to use the demo(s) from the api-download - Section .

    It works, but Samsung I900 didn't support the autofocus. Now there is a plugin - good time to find a new start.

    Perhaps we can find a solution.
  10. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    QuickMark are a shower of incompetent unprofessional p******s. In the first post there are now two versions of the library targetting different releases of QuickMark. These different releases are all stupidly referred to as version 3.8 by QuickMark! Two different dlls are necessary because of this. See which (if either) of the dlls work for you. I would advice downloading the latest version of QuickMark for your device which should work with version 1.1 of the library.
  11. Rallig

    Rallig Member Licensed User

    Thx agraham, 1.1a works fine :sign0098:
  12. snoman

    snoman Member Licensed User

    Thanks 4 the 1.1a
    Works fine on my HD2, even with the new QuickMark version 3.8.6

    so short
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