QuickSMS - Define your own custom speed send messages and send them quickly!


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2/7/08 --- UPDATE --- I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SPELL "FALSE" not "FASLE" LOL... caused an error when sendig SMS. I have fixed that.

Okay. This is my FIRST application using B4PPC. I have been working very hard on this application now for about 4 weeks. My hopes are to probably sell this application for just a few bucks to keep my development R&D funds alive.

I am posting the "unregistered" version of the program here which only allows you to have one single speed send button but the registered version allows you to have up to 5.

Okay.. so what does it do. Simple...

It allows you to assign a telephone number from your contacts database to a "speed send button". From there, you can create "custom" speed-send messages (as many as you like) -- keep em short tho, thats what sms is about -- once you have "configured" your speed send contact, and speed-send messages, you can then with the tap of a finger, send your own pre-configured sms messages without the hassle of using the built in SMS application on your PPC.

Use it while in traffic to send FAST messages to keep your eyes on the road and not on that tiny keyboard!!!

Okay... Here's what it lacks.

1. Merged .DLL files --- would like to merge them all into one class but don't have a CLUE on how to do that --- the .net process seems very difficult and a huge download.

2. Installation application that allows me to offer an "un-install" option.

Okay... Here's what I've been able to solve.

1. The ever elusive registration problem..... I'd be glad to help others with this and I think I have a good schema.

2. The cool use of SQL, Ril, embedded graphics, and more.

This was probably a big bite for a beginner app but if I am going to do it, I'm going all the way...

What I will be doing....

1. Getting a reg site up quickly so I can register all those downloaded apps!!

To install, simlpy put all the files (except readme.txt) into a folder on your PPC and then create a shortcut to QuickSMS.exe in your start menu or on your speed launcher.... That's It!

If you need to contact me for any reason, please do so at:


Without further adeu.....
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Re: Comments?

I'd really like to hear some input / comments about the QuickSMS application. Seems like we are getting a lot of viewers of it but nobody has commented on the functionality of it yet. Would openly solicit any input (good or bad) -- way I see it, there is no bad input... only ways for me to make it better. :)


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very nice program

can you improve it : -adding the creation of shorcuts for the sms (to ba able to call them directly via a Today plugin
- adding the creation of an image for this shortcut (the image of the contact plus "SMS" would be fantastic )