Radio Interface Layer (dzRil.DLL)


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dzRil.DLL is small library (C# source code included) which allows you to get some info from RIL.DLL.
It is only an interface between RilWrapper.DLL and Basic4PPC.
RillWrapper.DLL is .NETCF 2.0 DLL developed for a contest by others (see page 6 post 110)
The reason to start searching and finally develop this little tool was this thread

It seems that RIL.DLL is manufacturer dependent, so does not work in the same way for every device.

Windows Mobile 5.0 phone edition and above is required.

In the attached zip file is also a Basic4ppc sample



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Thanks for publishing your code :)

As I have seen so far, local area code and CelliD should work on most mobiles due to local based services like profiles etc.

All other values are not really supported. Think there is a way to get some more details out from the mobile through ril_devspecific. But there is no further documentation around and is defintely manufacturer-specific.

But it's a step forward - thank you!


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Hi DZT, thanks for your RIL program, it was just about exactly what I needed.

Problem is, when I run it on my HTC Touch (CDMA), many of the phone parameters either read as 'FAILED', or actually cause the program to crash.

I'm mostly after signal strength, and that does work, but it only gives me the value of the bar graph at top, in big steps, not the discrete value of the strength.

There is a 'field test' program on my phone that is able to give me decibel readings in one step increments, so I know it is possible.

That field test program would be good enough for peaking my external yagi antenna as I sail up and down the coast, but it's not big enough to see, so I want to create a program that makes the signal strength digits the full size of the screen, or at least to the point where I can read it while I'm up the mast in bright sunlight.

There is another dll on the phone called RILphone.dll and there has been some suggestion it may access the signal data at a more granular level.

Is there a way to change the wrapper so that it looks at that different dll? Or perhaps you have another idea?

Many Thanks, Adrian


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secret code alternative

I do also look for a way tocollect the IMEI
A "secret code" is well understood by my HTC touch pro : *#06#
A dialog box shows up with the IMEI written.
Could there be some way to collect the result after dialling this special phone number ?


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Hi, my phone is a CDMA unit, so I don't think it has an IMEI ID code, but the problem is the same - we need a way of extracting phone info.

Myself, I would like to be able to display the continuous signal strength info in big digits on the screen so I can easily see which way to point my external high gain antenna.

I haven't found any further information on how to do it, but I'll put the info here if I do. There must be a way because the Windows program that comes with the phone can do it, but I suppose it uses some kind of proprietary library from the manufacturer (HTC).

Regards, Adrian


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On Omnia i900

I just tested it on my Omnia i900 and works GREAT, the ones that doesn't work and make the program crash are:

GetOperatorLongName, OperatorShortName, OperatorNumName, GetModel, and GetSerialNumber.

Best Regards