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As well as Raw IR serial transmission, direct RS232 serial communications is also possible.
I've bought a 'serial' cable for my Mio168 clone and tested it :)
Erel's serial.dll probably works too. With my 'timing' methods for writes.

A Microchip PIC microprocessor or 'Basic Stamp Module' can also be communicated with.
Direct RS232 comms needs a MAX232 converter chip before the connection to an external PIC device.

Interested, contact me.

Yawn . . . . . .;)


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Hi tax,

I couldn't gather much intel about the rawir.dll so far in the meaning of get something like a trial license.
I need to check some functions with the hardware i want to control while the result would turn out wheter i need to buy a serial or if it's useless to me.

Can you tell me where a can get a trial license or something like that for the RawIr lib?

Christian [MM2forever]
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Thanks for the quick reply.

I still dont get it to work...
That's what i did so far:
-Made Programm that initializes the rawir.dll with a .NET Compact Framework Evaluation key from the Franson site

-placed the .NET Compact Framework 2.0/SerialNET.200.CF.dll into the Appdir too

-renamed it to "SerialNET.dll" i didnt worked and i thought thats the error

It gives me an "Could not Load file/assembly 'SerialNet ...blah-blah'" error.

It's either Im heavily stupid or something else is missing.


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Use the SerialNET.dll file that comes in the dotNetcf folder of the Franson SerialTools SDK download.
Step1: from the link in my last post.

One of the dotnet trial keys will work :)

If that fails, try the SerialNet.dll file in the dotNet folder.

Hope this helps ;)