B4R Library RDC based on MQTT

This is an extension to jRDC2. It adds support for MQTT and allows accessing the remote database with an Arduino or ESP8266 board.

It requires B4R v1.5+ and it uses B4RSerializator to convert the messages to bytes.

The RDC server listens to both MQTT messages and the standard http requests.

Client side

Sub Timer1_Tick
   'Structure is: ClientId, Command, Tag, zero or more parameters
   '"null" strings will be converted to Null references.
   SendInsert(Array(ClientId, "insert_animal", "tag", "abc" , "null"))
   'Structure is: ClientId, Command, Tag, zero or more parameters
   SendSelect(Array(ClientId, "select_animal", "tag", 539))
End Sub

Sub SendInsert (Message() As Object)
   mqtt.Publish("insert", ser.ConvertArrayToBytes(Message))
End Sub

Sub SendSelect(Message() As Object)
   mqtt.Publish("select", ser.ConvertArrayToBytes(Message))
End Sub

Sub Mqtt_MessageArrived (Topic As String, Payload() As Byte)
   If Topic = ClientId Then
     Dim be(10) As Object
     Dim data() As Object = ser.ConvertBytesToArray(Payload, be)
     If data.Length = 0 Then Return
     Dim method As String = data(0) 'ignore
     Dim tag As Object = data(1)
     If method = "insert" Then
       Dim success As Boolean = data(2)
       Log(method, " - tag: ", tag, ", success: ", success)
     Else if method = "select" Then
       Dim numberOfRows As Int = data(2)
       Log(method, " - tag: ", tag, ", number of rows: ", numberOfRows)
       If numberOfRows = 1 Then
         For i = 3 To data.Length - 1
       End If
     End If
   End If
End Sub

To send a command you need to prepare an array of objects with the following values:
ClientId, Command, Tag, zero or more parameters

You should then call SendInsert or SendSelect.

The MessageArrived event will be raised with the server response.
The above code shows how the data should be extracted from the response. Note that select commands will only return the first row.

Server side

The changes needed to jRDC2 project are:
1. Add the MqttGate and B4RSerializator classes (available in the attached project).
2. Run a broker. I recommend running an external broker such as mosquitto. It better handles reconnections compared to the MqttBroker library.
3. Initialize an MqttGate object in the main module with the broker port.


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