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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by biggiu, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. biggiu

    biggiu Member Licensed User

    I have the following problem with the RDC.
    When I run an UPDATE query I have the following message in the log:

    java.sql.SQLException: query does not return results

    The update of the record is not performed.

    Below I attach the code and the query:

        ' AGGIORNA STATO CODA               '
        Sub AggStaAec
                TipLav = 
    '----- Aggiorna Stato Coda
                CmdSql.Name = 
                CmdSql.Parameters = 
    Array As Object(aecprog)

    Return False
    End Try
    End Sub
    QUERY :

    sql.UPD_TRU_AEC=UPDATE ANELCO SET aec_stat = 'true' WHERE aec_prog = ?

    Can anyone tell me where am I wrong?

    Thank you all for your cooperation
  2. keirS

    keirS Well-Known Member Licensed User

    You should be using ExecuteCommand for an update.
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  3. biggiu

    biggiu Member Licensed User

    Thanks for the reply.
    Now everything works perfectly.
    good Job
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