Android Question reading full data of file including 0C 0D


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I noticed when I read file in bytes even text files < less by two bytes when I read file in php in server:
Carriage Return
Line Feed

The problem the Check sum such as MD5 or SHA will be different from the one in any other platform(e.g.: PHP)

This is the code I am using to read and calc the MD5 ( I found it in the forum)

    Dim d As String = File.DirRootExternal 
    Dim In As InputStream 
    In = File.OpenInput(d,"test.txt")
    Dim buffer(File.Size(d, "test.txt") ) As Byte
    Count = In.ReadBytes(buffer, 0, buffer.length)
    Log("Count :: " & Count ) 
    Dim Bconv As ByteConverter
    Dim data(buffer.Length) As Byte 
    Log("data :: " & data ) 
    Dim md As MessageDigest
    data = md.GetMessageDigest(buffer, "MD5") 
    Log("Hash: " & Bconv.HexFromBytes(data))

My question: how to include all bytes in the buffer even the
Carriage Return
Line Feed
to calculate the actual check sum for the whole data file? it is important for me for the integrity.

Thank you