Recieving TV Remote Signals with RawIr?

Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by MM2forever, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. MM2forever

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    I know I've asked that question a long time ago but this was under different circumstances:

    Is it possible to recieve the standart IR remote control hexcodes with an b4p additional library like the RawIr.dll?

    I have like 2 programs who can be used as a remote for tv/dvd and so on, but i want it vice versa - i want to control a b4p programm with a standart IR remote. :sign0013: ;) ;)

  2. taximania

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    The RawIR.dll for PPC took me about a year to finally design and code.
    Even then I only managed it with the Franson SerailNET.DLL :sign0148:

    I've been a IR NUT since getting a Psion5 about 10 years ago.
    I tried every programming platform I could learn or understand,
    for any PDA i've owned since.
    But never managed TV remote control from my own coding.

    So as regards your post.
    TV remotes use a carrier signal of about 38-40khz.
    Which equates to Serial IR Baud rate I haven't got a clue :sign0060:
    Each button pressed adds it's unique ID to the carrier wave.

    If you can read an IR string and detect or find the 'unique' ID's,
    then send a string of the same type, Bobs ya uncle.

    If it was that easy, I think I'd have done it years ago.
    It is possible via .NET, but via B4ppc . . . . . . . . .

    Good look and keep trying :sign0188:
  3. MM2forever

    MM2forever Active Member Licensed User

    Thanks for your comments on this topic.
    Anyway, If such a pro like you never got it to work, i dont see too much chances that i will do it,
    But I'll keep trying :)

    What I've found out so far ist that 38kHz ~ 2400Baud.
    Maybe this is something to work with... :sign0162:


    In fact! I did get something to work! Based on the intel gathered about the baudrate, I found some more on this site:
    CodeProject: Pocket PC TV Remote Control. Free source code and programming help

    I learned about the signal setting just like:
    Parity=0 (even parity)

    I wrote a short test app, grabbed 3 remotes from the living room and tried to recieve a signal - it worked!
    (I have a IR interface @ COM 1 of my PC)

    I brought it onto the pda and runned the source in b4p - I couldnt encounter the same results.
    It only gave me an error as the rawir.dll returned message.

    Anyway, here is the small code:
    Sub App_Start

    End Sub

    Sub porton_Click 'WHen I tried to close the Port it didn't work so im just opening it lol
    End Sub

    Sub main_Close
    End Sub

    Sub get_Click
    End Sub

    Sub send_Click
    End Sub
    The form looks like that (with some code recieved from a remote):

    Hope i'll get it to work on my ppc somehow... :sign0060:

    Right now I'm experimenting with the baud rates like the one from the CodeProject article (115200 baud), but unless knowing the actual rate these are just experiments with the hope that somewhen, with the right baud rate each code looks the same when hittin' the same key freqently (because so far everything looks different everytime lol^^).

    Maybe you do have some further ideas - I'm already happy with seeing at least 'some' interaction between remote and b4p app :)

    Thanks four your generous help - to all of you guys
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
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