Redesign of existing application

Okay, so I have a functional Android app that I'm interested in having redeveloped in Basic4Android. Why? Two reasons. First, so that I can better understand the code. I'm a web developer, not an Android developer, but this Basic4Android software makes sense to me. I'd like to be able to oversee all facets of our project. Second, we've gone through two regular Android developers and both start great and then just decide they want to ramp up the price. Not my style.

The app is fairly basic. It reads data from a serial device utilizing a Serial/Bluetooth adapter. This data is then parsed/formatted and sent to a website via several http calls. Nothing overly complex. We are looking to add some basic "workflow" into the app in this new iteration, but that can be explained to the selected developer.

What we're really looking for is someone who understands code well enough to transfer the existing app into the B4A framework and also be able to make changes moving forward. Additionally, we really need someone who is comfortable with hardware, specifically older serial devices. The app works for 1 device with 1 adapter. We need to make it work with additional adapters (have not been successful with that yet) and with additional devices (have not tried yet).

Anyone interested?


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PM me o1111111o at (thats 'oh' seven ones 'oh', not zeroes). I might be able to help and have experience with serial via usb and bluetooth in both native Android and b4a.