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Hi everybody,
Thanks to B4R I was able to develop a Data Logger and remote console for my main project, a food metal detector.
This pjt show whatever is on MD main display and simulate it's four buttons remotelly. It stores on local SD some log of activities and automatically transfer to Usb memory if it's inserted in Vdrive socket.
Thank you Anywhere Software.






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My Metal Detector is based on a PIC 18F4525. It was developed to look for metallic contaminations in foods. Every industrial food must be metal free.
It has a serial which was used to get a log of MD activities on a windows server.
I have use a Arduino Mega2560 to remote console activities(to improve mag field stability) and to collect log instead of the windows server.
It uses the second and the third serial ports to connect the MD and the VDrive Vinculum USB device. The fourth serial is used to concatenate a Windows logger.
The logs are temporary stored on a SD. When needed a USB is inserted in the USB socket. When VDrive reveals that a memory is in, Arduino starts to copy SD content, removing each file from SD after the copy is complete.
A real time clock is mantained in the logger shield. The screen to adjust the time and date shows when the USB memory is inserted.


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The MD part is not related to Arduino. It's not a property of mine. I have sold to a company. If you want to know about MD you can google "food metal detector". They are all based on the same metals magnetic properties.


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What is the smallest size of the metal particles that can be detected? While ago I found a 1cmx1mm brittle metal spiral in a cake containing apricots, probably released from opening the can of apricots at the bakery. Would not have been healthy to consume it due to its sharp edges. Today there are warnings on metal pieces in several cream chees products in Germany.
Would be nice to have a (sensitive) metal detector for that at home... (in addition to smoke, CO, radiation, detectors etc, and for many more (plastic in water, mercury in fish), needed in our modern civilization)


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About 1mm diameter. The worst part is the antenna, made of two toroides, one to generate pulsing mag field and one to get. If you compare the sent and received waved you can measure the hysteresys of the food. Every metal has his own wave form. Using a DSP this is a relativelly simple task. If you have a double trace hoscilloscope, put the transmitter signal on one channel and the receiver on the other. It's amazing to observe the results!
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