Remotely Starting the Car


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Regulation 107(1) of The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulation 1986 (SI 1986/1078 )

Regulation 107(2)(a). This states that no person shall cause or permit to be on any road any motor vehicle which is not attended by a person duly licensed to drive it unless the engine is stopped and the parking brake is effectively set. Exemptions to the requirements of this Regulation as to the stopping of the engine include a fire brigade vehicle, the engine of which is being used for any fire brigade purpose.


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Yep there you go, stupid.

Exemptions to the requirements of this Regulation should also include:

Mother who is trying to get all of her children into the vehicle while warming the vehicle

Any other person who is attempting to warm the vehicle prior to driving in cold conditions


stuff you mister! if I want to run my vehicle while it stands alone for any reason, it's not going to put itself into gear is it? so mind your own business!

and stop making stupid laws!

While this extremely intelligent law has been made, can you honestly tell me that no-one leaves a car running?


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Analyzing that of course we might deduce that a child bundled into a running vehicle might kick the gear lever and thus set the vehicle in motion.

we can analyse the heck out of it.

Just let it be known that there are so many laws that no-matter what you are doing, you are probably breaking the law.




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Laws that you didn't even know that you'd be breaking.
Until very recently, it was forbidden to women to wear trousers in France.( up to 2009 or 2011 I think)
This is why so many of them wear (short) skirts even in winter time...
Back in my country, 3 decades ago it was forbidden to carry a lighter without written licence issued by the mayor.