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    Good day, please find below my specs

    1. 1 activity to record good quality video from back and front camera
    2. Toggeable button/image that you can click to switch the camera to front/back
    3. Toggeable button/image that you can click to switch flash on / off.
    4. Autofocus (if possible)
    5. Record button should be timed e.g. hold button for 30 seconds to record a 30 seconds video.
    6. Save the recorded video to device and return file name. This should be date time, e.g. yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM
    7. Recorded video should be of good quality and also minimal size.
    8. Extract the first frame / all frames of the video (if possible)
    9. Playback recorded video.
    10. Strictly 1 button recording. Just press and the thing records the video, no multiple buttons to press.