Requio website with Libs for B4A - I can't believe this guy...


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I recently asked the website for the price of one of theirs java libraries - EphemAssist to be precise.

Here's the response of the responsible Robert Brenner:

Hello Miguel,

As stated on the website,

libraries are not offered to private persons.

Astronomy is a very narrow market and libraries

do hardly sell, in that the price is too high for

private persons.

Kind Regards


PS: Please do not start a first contact with “Dear Friend”.
I had to pick your mail from the spam folder.

I didn't liked very much the answer (I found it very old fashioned, elitist and rude), so I replied:

Hello Robert

I do have a Phd in Astronomy (phys./applied math) - so it's my field.
I did not told you I'm working as an individual - you assumed that. I have a very popular and technical website of advanced astronomy in the web, and a branch for developing apps to PC and Android.

You're policy really sucks I may say - "the market is too narrow, so let's narrow the knowledge or tools to those who do not have corporative weight. Actually, let's sell them at prices even higher - even if they are genious or simply kind people."

Actually, it's such a twisted thought that I can't even understand it...

It goes against all the values of my free website - and it's the completely reverse of my attitude in the society.

But... Your libraries, your rules.

I couldn't care less. Oh, and even if I'm a small corporation, I do not have - or will have - any interest in your programs, and I'll state your position in the Android communities I belong - including B4A.



I couldn't help it. But the amazing thing, was his response:

>and I'll state your position in the Android communities I belong – >including B4A
For someone with a PhD you are quite careless. Your IP address is noted, just in case, “dear friend”.

Can you believe this guy? Really? Is he really threatening me?
Does he belong to this community?

I'm speechless...

Kind regards,



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Hi guys... my two cents...

Both made wrong assumptions...
Robert assumed you were a private person in search of a lib to use in a self made program ( as an indie dev )...
He went the " you cannot afford this" route without even asking Miguel for bacground info, like if he represented a company, etc...
Then Miguel took it personal, (which I think was not intended by Robert), and gave a piece of his mind... I personally would have done the same thing... When I enter Porsche's Stand I don't expect a seller to come try sell me one, but I do get offended if they imply I cannot afford it...
Miguel shouldn't have gone the "I'll trash you in Android communities" route... And Robert tried to put some pressure and refrain in Miguel with the IP thing...

All & All, We may not like the way someone does business, but at the end of the day, its their product, their price, their rules... like it or not!

Peter Simpson

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I completely agree with everything that @thedesolatesoul said. PHD or not, I personally think that your initial response was uncalled for. Admittedly Robert not selling libraries to individuals or even giving a price I find strange, your money is just as good as any other business and both helps pay the bills.

Roberts IP address threat was clearly over the top, but then again so was your initial threat to basically name and shame them all over the internet for their policies. Have your tried buying a copy of Windows directly from Microsoft, or a PS4 directly from Sony or even a BlackBerry device directly from struggling BlackBerry, they will not directly sell to you so are you going to do the same to them or is it only because Robert is an individual/small business like most of us on here. I've just come from their website and it does clearly state and I quote "Sorry, but we offer libraries to small or medium size companies, not to private individuals - at least not at this time.". The website clearly states the fact that they do not sell libraries to individuals. Maybe you asking for a price for a second time would have got you the prices, but then again it may not. I personally only create bespoke Android apps for clients as long as the app is not for the Play Store, it's the first question that I ask anybody enquiring about having a bespoke Android app developed by myself. Hmm actually I should really state that fact on my website, cheers :)

Either way your original response was uncalled for as their policies are clearly written on their website. I personally would have sent you the prices even if my website stated no individuals as its only libraries and I would not have to do any extra work. If you paid me all the better as your payment would go towards my next holiday :) but that's me.

BTW my response isn't suppose to be a cheap shot at you (even though you might take it as such) @kepler, it's just what I see from your original post.


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Good evening all,

You guys are - of course - right...
Even if this Robert screwed up things at the beggining, implying the wrong assumptions, I should never had lower my level to his... I was just upset.
And we say stupid things when we're upset. Usually I ignore this kind of situations and just get over it, giving them the right importance (none, for this fact).
Today, I didn't.
Either way, I'm improving myself every day as I walk to my 50's years old - too quickly... Maybe I'm just to tired of this kind of s****...

Thanks anyway.

Kind regards,