B4J Question Resetting an ABMaterial combo control

John Naylor

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Day 3 of my venture into ABMaterial and all is going well but I've finally come across something I can't work out.

I have a data entry page which is populated with a ABMDateTimePicker, a number of ABMInput controls and several ABMCombo boxes.

Once a user has input relevant data they click an ABMButton to add the data into a mySQL database.

All that works perfectly but once the data has been dealt with I want to clear the page down ready for the next entry.

Resetting the DatePicker and Input controls is easy I just reset the date with dp.SetDate(DateTime.Now) and clear the Input boxes text then do a page.Refresh

However I'm struggling with resetting the Combo's back to how they first appear when the page loads.

Whatever I've tried so far just leaves them displaying whatever was selected before the page.Refresh

Does anyone have any pointers? (I was hoping something like cmb.SetActiveItemId("") was going to do the trick but alas no)