Android Question [Resolved] JellyToggleButton onStateChange issue


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Hi All,

I am trying to use the great library by @DonManfred , but I have a problem using the onStateChange even with the example on this link:

I have added the three files to my Additional library; however when try to run the example the log returns:

lib: NOTFOUND 'jellytogglebutton1_onstatechange

It doesn't fail, it just return this message, I can see the toggle button and can switch it.

But I figured out I can not use the onStateChange, so I am not sure how to proceed from here.

Thanks for your help on this!





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This didn't even cross my mind :( I have added the sub and all is working fine now! thank you so much I really appreciate your help! and thank you for your efforts in this library it looks awesome in my App!
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