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Lee Gillie CCP

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I am getting this compile error:

B4A Version: 12.80
Parsing code. (0.33s)
Java Version: 14
Building folders structure. (0.09s)
Compiling code. Error
Error compiling program.
Error description: Current declaration does not match previous one.
Previous: {Type=Scale,Rank=0, RemoteObject=False}
Current: {Type=Float,Rank=0, RemoteObject=True}
Error occurred on line: 24
Private Scale As Float 'ignore

I typically find that error messages give both the module name and line number, and most often takes you to the line that needs fixing. This is wonderful.

In this case I know the bad code appears on line 24, but I have no clue what module.

I suspect this is the actual line of code: "Private Scale As Float 'ignore", but I have used every kind of tool I can think of and can not find such a line, or a line partially like it anywhere. EmEdit has a really powerful "FIND IN FILES" feature that will search folders recursively, and it can not find it either.

Similarly I tried with Visual Studio, and no luck there. I suspect when I find it, it won't be a line of code that exactly reads as "Private Scale As Float 'ignore".

I have started to remove a module at a time, compile, comment out references, try again, then to put it back. There is a ton of source code. Very time consuming, risky. I am thinking of creating a quick-n-dirty to show me lines 23-25 for every source file it can find in the folder structure.

If I just had that typical hint about which file, it would really make this so much easier. Wish I could say I never make a mistake but after 44 years of developing software, I know much better than to do so.

Thanks for any ideas, if nothing else, perhaps a request to change this error message to be a bit more helpful.

Best regards - Lee

Lee Gillie CCP

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The issue was I had just added XUI Views lib, as it looked like it may help me with another issue. So I removed it from the project and Violla!
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