Share My Creation RF 433mhz repeater with esp8266

it is a RF 433mhz Repeater with esp8266

hard configuration:
- 1 esp8266 Witty Cloud
- in front of 433mhz : tested with receptor RXB6 and RX470B.
tested with transmitter WL103 /STX882
receptor and transmitter are connected to power 5V and connected to ESP without protection

soft is built with an extended version of wrapper for RCSwitch, and a mini web server for provisioning.
Provisioning is stored in eprom
Provisioning is done by navigator connected on AP network for first start and on IP address on local network for next steps.
By provisioning, you can input IP Network and Key Network and 16* 433mhz keys to repeat.
- for each Key, you have to input received Key, sent key, Protocol, Nb bytes, and delay
- you can send a different key of received key
without B4R, we can connect on log file with Hyperterminal by example. On log file , you have a log of key received and key sent on 433mhz interface. you can use it to find key to add at repeater and to make provisioning.

at start of board, WIFI is OUT if we have data in eprom. WIFI interface is ON at start if no data in eprom, or after a push on button "up" of Witty board.
this module can handle all chineses equipments 433mhz in 24b + some old protocols 12b and a few more but i didn't test more.

1 module GlobalStore.bas is used to store configuration in memory.
GPIO14 is used for transmission and GPIO5 is used for reception.( on esp8266 Witty Cloud onlyGPIO14,GPIO16 and GPIO5 are not used)

if you want to do some tests on this configuration,it is better to use my version of wrapper for RCSwitch because this one handle all features of RCSwitch, including rawdata traces and it is useful to add some news 433mhz protocols .


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