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RF Home Manager
this is a MQTT client used to monitor all 433mhz sensors/remote controls in my house.
at start i have an alarm system with several sensors IR/magnetic and several remote controls to manage external light, portal and garage door.

globally, function is based on a rfbridge sonoff + esp_MQTT_Gateway and this application on mobile
rfbridge is in charge of 433mgz sensors events
esp_MQTT_Gateway store rfbridge messages until a request by my mobile
ans my mobile is based on service with MQTT client running 15sec on a period of 1,5mn (period can be extended)

this application requests MQTT message at esp_MQTT_gateway (in ESP part) on a period of 1.30mn and in this configuration i have a view on all 433mhz events in my home with a delay less of 1mn and with a battery drain < 3%
- in this application i can configure all 433mhz Keys to have real name of sensor
- i have a double logfile in flip-flop with a minimal editor and a search to find a specific event.(i can also copy to PC)
- also i can use it like an alarm system:
- i can declare 3 level of alarms
- L3 is permanent alarm, i cannot lock this level, it can be used for SOS buttons by example
- L2 and L1 are fully configurative, i can create a "night level" for external garage and a global level with all sensors of house and garage, when i am not at home
- as soon as i have message from monitored sensor, i have an alert sound 4sec at each period of 1,30mn until alarm removed

with this application, i can have a global view on all events in my house 24hrs/24hrs: i have in log a line for each sensor activation, for each remote control activation.
and this view is available when i am at home, but also when i am out of my home and when children's are alone, or when a friend have to come to my home to manage cat and flowers...

below you can find screen captures on different activities used.

last version updated with now a tab to send RF keys and to simulate all remote controls known from my mobile.


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