ROSTERS (Daily Scheduler)


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This is my biggest project to date. Its a conversion to the PPC for a program I use extensively at work to keep track of all the people who work in my department - about 40 people altogether. Each section or individual can work a different quite complex 'roster' system which is difficult to keep track of.
The attached source code has a 'TEST' files attached to illustrate what I man. You can change the default "TEST" file to anything you choose (four letters only!) On the default screen, select any single character 'code' and change the associated color by tapping the color button.
In the display screen, you can do upt to 7 sets of daily 'rosters' but you can select to repeat the cycle as many times as you like - say a year or so. You can also change each 'cell' on a cas by case basis.
the program works as intended - no major bug that I've found yet! The only thing which detracts is that it can be quite slow on the TITAN PPC I use when first loading up or changing dates for viewing. Howver, it does what I want, so I'm pretty pleased with it.
For the database(s), I use CSV files, one file for 'this' month and another file for 'next' month. An 'ini' file remebers the last file used. and another CSV file keeps track of the 'names'. You can start from scratch, without any CSV files with just the source code and the .bmp 'button' files.
Hope it's of some use to somebody!


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