B4R Library rSPI library and rSPI32 library

i would like to add in this section 2 wrappers i wrote:
- a wrapper for SPI library from esp8266 project
- and a wrapper for SPI32 from esp32 project

all functions available in arduino are available in B4R.
except one in SPI32: void writePixels(const void * data, uint32_t size);//ili9341 compatible => i don't konw how to handle "const void * data"

2 function are added at rSPI to handle the 3 cases of transferBytes
void transferBytes(ArrayByte* data, ArrayByte* out, uint32_t size); => both sides
void transferBytesR(ArrayByte* out, uint32_t size); => Read only
void transferBytesW(ArrayByte* data, uint32_t size); => Write only

i hope it can help B4R users...

29/01/2021 update of SPI32 including more information on esp32 configurations


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arduino library is from esp32 2.0.0

after review, 2 new functions added :
boolean busStatus(); => give internal status of buss
byte pinSS(); => give CSS pin, can be interesting when we use standard config
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