B4R Library rThermal_Printer a wrapper Thermal Printer under BLE

it is a wrapper for Thermal Printer connected by BLE from https://github.com/bitbank2/Thermal_Printer
external fonts used must be added in library directory

short summary of Features available
- Supports the GOOJPRT PT-210, MTP-3, PeriPage+ and 'cat' printers (so far)
- Compiles on ESP32, Adafruit nRF52 and Arduino boards with bluetooth
- Supports graphics (dots, lines, text, bitmaps), 1D + 2D barcodes, and plain text output
- Allows printing Adafruit_GFX fonts one line at a time or drawing them into a RAM buffer
- Can scan/connect to printers by BLE name or auto-detect the supported models
- Doesn't depend on any other 3rd party code

full description of functions available is in kiwi : https://github.com/bitbank2/Thermal_Printer/wiki/Public-API


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it seems it is an issue due to FreeSerif12pt7b.h missing

if this font FreeSerif12pt7b is used, the file FreeSerif12pt7b.h must be in directory with rThermal_Printer.h and rThermal_Printer.cpp
(a few fonts needed for tests are in directory "Fonts" in zip file)

if you want more fonts, you can look in directory of "Adafruit_GFX_Library/fonts"