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    i know im asking for too much , but
    IMHO it s easy to auto-replace views pickers for spinners etc
    those views that cannot be replaced can be prompted for - or better preflagged .
    i.e :
    - you show some "green" b4x views , that can be compiled to both b4a and b4i.
    - you can specify those code sequences that are not b4x friendly ( i.e cannot be interchanged to form a good native code) so that a programmer can avoid those codes if he s willing to use the magic ( save as ) feature .
    - the IDE can show you how your b4a code would look like if in b4i ( probably by hovering , or in a separate window)
    - you have libraries/classes that can be used among the 3 platforms .
    - i know it s difficult , i know it looks impossible in some aspects , but i also know that if you guys have the resources required you can make it.
    - im not asking for an improvement to B4I or B4A, but rather for a whole new B4X , i believe its the next logic step
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