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Hi Guys,

in the UK we have telephone numbers that are expensive is you use them from a mobile, and the companies normally have another number that is free or cheaper.

I use the website Say No To 0870. basically on the website you type in the company name or the telephone number (beginning 0870) and it will return a list of alternative numbers.

This app sends the company or number search to the site and then displays the returned info onscreen.

you can click the one you wish to call and a list of the numbers is displayed with any freephone number at the top moving down to the 0870 number at the bottom, just select the number you wish and it will call it.

currently it only displays items from the verified database, i will update to add the unverified numbers.

Currently i have only spent about 6 hours on the app so there will probably be some issues, but i thought i would share, if you have any ideas or pointers please let me know.

Sorry for anyone outside the UK, this returns UK numbers only.

I have attached the code and some screen shots. The main1.png shows what information is displayed in each of the listview items:

top label = Company Name

left top small label = 0870 number
right top small label = 01/02/03 number (area code)
left bottom small label = 0844/0845 number (local rates)
right bottom small label = free phone number

bottom label = other information

I have found the site really useful in the past as mobile phones (cellphones) pay for 0870/0844/0845 numbers, and most contracts give free minutes to 01/02/03 numbers so calling this number instead of the 0800/0844/0845/0870 can actually save you money.

Once i have checked it is working correctly and if people can say how it looks on other devices i will post to Playstore




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Just updated to zip v1.0.2 (in the original post):

a few small changes:

1. This now also displays the non-verified numbers in the listview after the verified numbers (you can spot the difference as the non-verified numbers have a blue background)

2. Now removes more of the text formatting if it is present from the HTML.


Any feedback is helpful thanks



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I have Just updated the Say No To 0870 App on the App store

--> Link to App Store <--

I have added ADS after each search, but if you click the setting button there is an option to turn ads off.

I have tried it on my galaxy S3 and Nexus 7 and TF101 it seems to work well on all of them.

My wifes HTC wildfire S can be very slow (i think this is due to the app loading a page of HTML and then stripping the text it doesn't need away, and finally iterating through the rest to recover the relevant information).

The feedback on the app store has been mixed with some giving 5 stars and others 1 star (i think this is dependent on the processing power of their phone).

Any feedback is appreciated.



PS - it is only really useful to the UK as it gives the cheap/free phone numbers, but other can take a look.


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Ladies and Gents,

Not sure what everyone's take is, but my app Say No To 0870 on the app store seems to be doing ok, but its the feedback, some people have put that its really good but a couple have put 1 star and that 'its bad'.

I have asked Google to give the ability to comment on reviews.

I have also put in the description for people to email me if they have any comments or suggestions. It is just a little annoying when you put a 'FREE' app on the store and people comment that it is bad but do not say why?

Has anyone else had this problem?




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I have also put in the description for people to email me if they have any comments or suggestions. It is just a little annoying when you put a 'FREE' app on the store and people comment that it is bad but do not say why?
Ofcourse. They are a breed called the OneStarNinjas (mainly because they come briefly and disappear never to contact you again and leaving no trace of their contact details). They will install your app for 5 seconds, delete it, put a One star, and no information whatsoever leaving you in distress and ambiguity over what actually caused this.
I think google has given everyone the ability to reply to comments (atleast I have it now), but I doubt it will do good to the clan of the OneStarNinjas.


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Yes, unfortunately. I don't think it matters to some people how you describe your app. They won't read or maybe understand what you have said and will rate it against their expectations.

In your situation, if it's available outside the UK, you're on a hiding to nothing as it won't work for a majority of app users. And they will feel compelled to comment, even though you've already told them.

Hang on, just dismounting my hobby horse. That's better now for some coffee :)
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I have been looking at the UI Cloud and when i send my Say no to 0870 app to it i get the text in the textbox's with the top missing and a large gap at the bottom. see attached picture.

The Text Style is:

typeface: DEFAULT
Horizontal Alignment: LEFT
Vertical Alignment: CENTER_VERTICAL
Size: 15
Text Color: DEFAULT
Password: FALSE
Single Line: True
Input Type: NUMBERS (one is TEXT)
Hint Text:
Hint Color: 240,248,255
Wrap: True
Force Done: False

The height is 40 and this is only on the Samsung I9000, I was only having a look at this as someone emailed me after downloading the app and says when he types into the textboxes all he sees is sqiggles.

I asked him to send me the resolution and he has a S2 running gingerbread the screen size is 4.27" with 800x480 resolution, i have asked him to download an app that will tell him the screen size and scale.

any thoughts on how to overcome this??




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Does anyone have an S4

I have had a report that the names and numbers are not displayed correctly on the S4, but i dont have one to try it out on, does anyone on the forums have an S4 that could test the app and upload some screen shots.

Say No To 0870 on Google Play