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    The competition made me look again at my SCalculator and I found a very important capability missing - the capability to use brackets when you want to do a calculation with other order than the mathematical.
    The addition of this capability was surprisingly simple -
    I changed the three registers and the three operation level storage to arrays, and now they work in the same way but for various levels for each pair of brackets.
    I added another function - the Factorial N!.

    I shall apreciate comments and suggestions for improvements. For example :
    almost all the subs start with a set of checks that if they fail the sub ends by "return".
    If I take this returning part to another common sub, i cannot use "return" because it will return and perform the originating sub instead of getting out.
    i am sure someone knows how to do it :sign0163:

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  2. derez

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    Common sub

    I found a way to do it:
    the calling sub use " If F_common = false Then Return"
    and in the common sub, all the checks return false if they are met.
    Nice talking to myself...
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    I have found that the simples way of resolving emerging issues,...they always seems to laugth at us as sying " You'll never find the simples ansewer that is right under your nose!!"

    Them if that fails I come to the forum and ask the "stuppidiest" (notice the quotes!!) and find that the ansewr had already pass by me but I was too busy making the question...

    Anyway glad to have I recall you are one of the Original "samlers" of basic4ppc, right...?
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    I think that the need to phrase your problem and write it down has some effect on the growing of the solution inside you...

    and yes - I have started with version 4 and since then it became a large consumer of my free time...