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i have several ultimatelistviews in a scrollview but i can't use de scroll function in the selected ultimatelistview because when i try to scroll the scrollview scrolls.
setting the enabled function from the scrollview to false in the celltouch event wo'nt work.
On the internet i have found some java code to do this but how do i implement this in b4a
Can someone help me with this?
the java code is:
ListView lv =(ListView) findViewById(;
lv.setOnTouchListener(newOnTouchListener(){// Setting on Touch Listener for handling the touch inside ScrollView@Overridepublicboolean onTouch(View v,MotionEventevent){// Disallow the touch request for parent scroll on touch of child view
My ultimate listview is called ULV_1
Thanks in advance.
PS sorry for my bad english, i am Dutch.

ok i have found the solution
Sub ULV_1_CellTouch (CellIndex As Byte, Position As Int, Action As Int, X As Int, Y As Int, TouchedPanel As Panel)
Dim r As Reflector
r.Target = Materiaal_scroll ' the scrollview
r.RunMethod2("requestDisallowInterceptTouchEvent", True, "java.lang.boolean")
End Sub
Now the scroll function in the ultimate listview works perfect and the scrollview works to.
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