Android Question Searching for a sound fragment (sample)


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I want to solve a problem, finding a sound sample in a microphone signal. The signal sample is short, no more than 1-2 second. Will I be able to find such a sound in the signal from the microphone? Is it possible to solve this problem at the program level, by means of B4X. My task is to automatically listen to the sound at night at home and fix a given sample in it. For example, in my application I want to capture the sound of a door opening, it looks like a creak, but now my application reacts to any noise, wall clock strike, street noise, brother's snoring :). How can you automatically detect the reference sound in the background sound of the microphone. For me, I don't need to draw graphs of samples xGraph lib dont need, I only need to compare samples. by string function type InString.
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