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I wanna send the position GPS each 15 minute to my server. How can I do this ? I suppose that I must use a service for this but how to activate it each 15 min ?

2- When my cell goes sleep this service can send the information yet ?

There is any help about this here ?



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1. You can schedule the service's exectution using StartServiceAt
2. It depends on the mobile's model. With some manufacturers, your service will be usable even if the mobile is sleeping. If not, you will have not to use a scheduler (point 1) but a persistent service and use a PartialLock (look at PhoneWakeState)

More information about services
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If you use StartServiceAt or other option that activate GPS each 15 minutes, you will
find that GPS need several minutes to get location.

To send location each 15 minutes probably you will need to create a Service with a timer and
keep GPS enabled and active all time.
I did this in may App Motokdds to send location to the server.
Device Android must be powered all time and app (Service) runs in background.
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I would do the opposite.. that is let the server poll the gps info from your device every 15 minutes. The service in your device can be designed to intercept all incoming text messages but process only the (valid) ones. If valid then the service will send the gps info back to the server>
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