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I would like to send a link (URL) to a group of people who are in a particular place (room), without knowing there mobile number.
Is there any ways or options to do that ( for example using Bluetooth etc.)
Please let me know the possibilities to do that.

Thank you


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It is impossible to send anything to someone without knowing some addressable ID for them like:

1) Phone number
2) Email
3) Username for an app that is *already* installed on their phone

Otherwise, the other people in the room will first need to do some action (like install an app, scan a QR code, or go to a URL), before you can communicate with them.
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Do they connect to a common WLAN?
Another point to investigate: if you set up an hotspot/AP, do their OSes knock on its door in order to have an updated list on wi-fi allowed? If yes, what kind of info is trasmitted to your device? Here I don't mean they have to conenct to that AP, just scan for any available.