Android Question send to back/get back a CustomLayoutDialog


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i show an CustomLayoutDialog (CLD) thats hold Checkbox, Labels..... and a Button.

With Click on the Button, i would like hide or send to back (change Z Order) the CLD to work on a Panel behind. After Work is finish, the CLD must "come back" to work on this.

The Button Click event works fine and wait for the "work finish", but i dont now how i "SendToBack" the DialogPanel in this sub.


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You can set a layout to a panel before adding it to CLD. When you want to work on a panel just dismiss the CLD and after work is finished show the CLD again and set that panel again to CLD. So the state of your checkbox, label, button will be as it was in previous CLD.


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thanks for the Answer.

understand i right:
- create a (global) Panel
- load the Layout to this
- Create/show async CLD (dim global)
- load the (global Panel) into this Panel (DialogPanel by default)
- the Button close the CLD and after Finish ReCreate/show the CLD