Android Question sending text via Bluetooth - B4Chat tutorial - interesting behavior


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Dear friends,

I am playing with - Chat Bluetooth tutorial - and I have found, that here is
interesting behavor, for example if I send via bluetooth this text "HalloXYZ" the I received in Chat this:

You: H
You: alloXYZ
(only sometimes I get complete text "HalloXYZ")
I Am using classic "HC" BT with 19200 baud rate

Have somebody similar behavior of bluetooth?
I think that the reason is bluetooth hardware.

When that issue is happen, then I can not recognize if word "Hallo" was received in string..
Thank you
Best regards


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This is how AsyncStreams work.
You can capture the packets and add the bytes to a buffer. try to find the string when you receive a end of line.
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