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    Ok guys, this is a sort of silly app. :sign0060: ^^

    I wrote it back in the beginning of working with b4p and rewrote it now make it a multi-language and overall a little better...

    All it does is using sentence parts, i.e. names, verbs and "locations" from a text file and mixes them to make funny sentences

    this is the info file i supply with it:
    Wordsets have to go to the folder "sets"
    They have 
    to be standart .txt
    The syntax 
    is [tag], followed by words that go in there
    There are 
    3 tags, called:

    For further details see sets that are shipped with the app.

    Merry Christmas
    There are 2 files in the "sets" folder already, one with German sentence parts and one with English.

    Expand it if needed ^^

    [COLOR="DarkRed"]G.W. Bush arrests an alien in the bathroom
    Angela Merkel arrests Grandpa 
    in the redlight district[/COLOR]
    Let this be a christmas gift for you guys​

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  2. Zenerdiode

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  3. MM2forever

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    omg that sounds ugly^^

    but since i'm already 18, i'm might not of Michael Jacksons interrest ;) :sign0137: ;)
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