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SerialVideoPlayer is a video player designed specifically for viewing several videos in order, such as, for example, TV episodes.


* It automatically bookmarks when you leave, so you will always, immediately and automatically, pick up exactly where you left off.

* Minimum of interaction needed. Hands-free operation, no need to browse for the next video or start playing it, they are simply played in order. Useful when you can't or don't want to interact with the device, such as looping displays, when driving (check local traffic regulations first) or when you just want to watch without hassle.

* A slick, minimalistic interface, designed to be easy to operate and not interfere with viewing. Does what it should, without overwhelming you with options.

* A discreet position indicator, a tiny marker which moves along an unused edge of the screen (left or top, depending on video proportions), shows play progress. No need to have the full position bar visible just to see how much is left of the episode.

* Option to automatically delete files once they are watched.

* Can automatically scan for new files and restart when done playing, which makes it useful for running permanent display loops.

* Plays most common formats (all formats that Android supports).

* Works nicely on tablets.

* Gesture support. Tap screen with two fingers side by side (hint: the fingers looks kind of like a pause symbol) to toggle play/pause. Tap screen with two fingers in an above/below position (hint: if you use thumb and index finger, the hand makes a "hush"-gesture) to toggle mute.

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