Wish Set Animated also for Left,Top,Width,Height

Jim Brown

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The new V4.00 animation commands are a great additional to B4A.
To compliment these it would nice to have the same option for the individual View positioning commands Left, Top, Width, Height.

myView.SetLeftAnimated(Duration As Int,Position As Int)
myView.SetTopAnimated(Duration As Int,Position As Int)
myView.SetWidthAnimated(Duration As Int,Position As Int)
myView.SetHeightAnimated(Duration As Int,Position As Int)
It's just a passing thought really, which I had when rewriting my code. For example, right now, my code to moved views up an back down look like this:

MyView.SetLayoutAnimated(AnimSpeed,MyView.Left,-MyView.Height,MyView.Width,MyView.Height) ' off screen
MyView.SetLayoutAnimated(AnimSpeed,MyView.Left,10dip,MyView.Width,MyView.Height) ' back on screen

With the new functions the amount of typing is reduced:
MyView.SetTopAnimated(AnimSpeed,-MyView.Height) ' off screen
MyView.SetTopAnimated(AnimSpeed,10dip) ' back on screen

Granted its very easy for me to write subs to take care of this but it would be nice to have these has native animation options.