show current consumption - feature for hardware lib

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    Hi library developers / creators / translators,

    I just now realized that with the application 'SKTools' it is possible to get displayed the current power consumption [mA], the accu voltage[mV], and temperature [°C] in addition to the accu charge in[%]. :sign0060: ( Loox 720 WM2003 2.edition).
    I don't know whether this is just a feature for a vew PDAs.

    I would love it, if I could record the power consumption of different applications with a timer in B4PPC over the time.

    Is that possible for on of you library specialists?

    Unfortunatelly I am not able to manage that.:sign0161:

    I think it would fit very good into the hardware lib, or dzt's harware lib.

    I would appreciate it very much.
    Thanks in advance