Share My Creation Simple NewsReader for Multiple Clients


would like to share a solution for a simple newsreader. Requirements for the news:
* Show Title, Link, Description and Publication Date
* Link mouse clickable and content displayed in default browser or webview
* News file XML format
* Simple client app for reading from Windows, Raspberry, Android, iOS
* Client settings in a textfile in the dirapp folder
* URL for the newsfile to be defined in the settings
* Maintain a single file on a server
* Maintain News App

Developed a solution for following Clients
  • B4A: Android with a webview, refresh button and message label
  • B4A-Toolbar: Android with a toolbar (with back button, message label, refresh button) and a webview
  • B4J-FX: JavaFX with with a webview, refresh button and message label
  • B4J-FXListView: JavaFX with a listview (with hyperlink event), refresh button and message label
  • B4J-NonUI: StandardJava Console output
  • B4J-NonUISwing:StandardJava with Swing UI webview, refresh button and message label
  • B4J-WebApp: StandardJava Websocket Server solution with refresh button, message label and news field

Source code attached.
For detailed info, read readme.txt and the sources. Various libraries are required, like XMLSax parser. Tested on various devices and OS Windows, Raspberry Pi.



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