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Finally got around to putting this app i made on b4a to the playstore..

Its the single player chess application in which you play against the artificial intelligence that i created. There are five different levels each ranging from difficulty. The objective of the game is to get the highest rank possible and also play chess.

The game also works offline..

This app was first made for my school project, but i wanted to see how much i could make from putting an app on the playstore.

If you having any bugs with the resizing of the application or features in general please let me know. Also if you know any ways to make the application make more money of ads let me know too, cause right now im only making a cent per click :(.

Thanks for you time. And sorry i new to developing for android, this is my first app.


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Did You tested how many ELO your application have on your phone? Write a chess program is a great challenge for me:)
If this is your first program on B4A're really class! Well done:)