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Firstly: before posting, I did a lot of research in the forums and couldn't find a solution. But even so, if I'm posting something that's answered in the forums, please forgive me.

I have a working layout in my (published) app (screenshot attached). This layout is composed of an upper part where I have, in the first line, a back button and a label with the app's name, and in the second line another label and a spinner to select a year. Then, below that (in a larger area of the screen), I have a listview (with the data relative to the year selected) and in the last line five buttons (with five visualization options for this data).

For now, when I press one of the five buttons in the lower part of the screen, the listview is updated (I use a different filter programmatically) and the button pressed change color to show it is selected (in my screenshot, the first button is selected).

What I would like to implement is the possibility for the user to change pages (i.e., the same effect of pressing the lower buttons) using a slide movement over the listview (from right to left it would go to the next button, and from the left to right to the previous one). The caveats are: only the listview and the buttons would change (the upper part of the screen, where the labels, the back button and the spinner are, should remain unchanged), and the buttons should stay in the same place they are now, i.e., at the bottom.

In my searches, I found the TabStrip module. but it doesn't fit me for two reasons: it occupies the entire screen, and the buttons are on the upper part of the screen, and not at the bottom (and Erel answered someone saying there's no way to change that), and they are kind of default in terms of appearance too.

So, after this long introduction, my question is: how could I implement what I want? Please note that a smooth transition, with a real sliding effect, is highly desirable, but not absolutely essential - I could make do with the same effect I have today (the listview changing data and the buttons changing color), as it would already be an improvement in the interface - today the only way to change the views is to press a button.

Thank you in advance!


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Thank you, Pendrush!

I've installed both libs and tested them. They are very good for lots of things! But is there a way to change the size of the tabs (width/height), or is this hardcoded? I really liked the proportions of my current screen and I don't want to change it, specially my 5 tabs filling the width of the screen perfectly, no matter the size of the screen.

Thanks, Andre
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